2021 Gratitude List

Laundry Care Express – in 2019 when I couldn’t do my own laundry, I found Laundry Care Express.  It is the best way I spend my money.

Al’s Backwood Berrie – Sweet baby Jesus!  Small batch jams and jellies in rich flavors.  Try the rhubarb!

Sunshine Sisters Be Kind tie-dyed shirts and accessories

Collectorz – online databases to store you (book) collections.  Easy to use, robust, personalized data.  Download the CLZ Barry app and scan ISBN’s with your phone.  Export data in multiple formats.

Jango – “…  a free online music streaming service that allows you to create custom radio stations. You choose your favorite band or singer and Jango will start playing music from that and other similar artists.”  I mashed up a bunch of preexisting stations and have interesting music from tango to disco all work day long.

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