Personal Log: 10/23/17 – 10/29/2017

New glasses!


Edvard Munch review

From AARP’s August/September 2017 issue:  (the one with the gorgeous cover by Peter Max ) (also
Projected menu for the week:
  • Roasted Eggplant Soup (I’m adapting this recipe to suit my needs)
    • Bonus rant:  If recipes (just the recipe) can’t be easily printed, or saved to Pinterest, the food blogger has failed their audience.  I do not want to wade through personal memories and scads of pictures to get to the recipe.  Put the recipe, with directions, in a useful format at the top.  And then talk about whatever and post pictures.  I probably wound up on your site because of a recipe search, so I want the recipe.  Then you can woo me with other stuff.  Also?  A print feature … not that hard to install with today’s blogging technologies.
  • Slow-Cooker Curried Chicken With Ginger and Yogurt (a favorite recipe)
  • Baked fruit (a work in progress)
  • Pumpkin Energy Balls – without the chocolate chips (or as I call them, “Breakfast Balls”)
  • Mandarin  oranges
New to the Stacks:
  • Ripper Street (BBC America on Netflix)
    • Just finished this fascinating series about Victorian era Whitechapel, London (home to Jack the Ripper).  The final season neatly tied everything up in a bow.  It was a little flat for me, probably due the lack of Inspector Drake, and the utterly predictable shenanigans of Long Susan and Captain Jackson.  Good to see the deliciously malevolent Inspector Shine.
      • And this odd connection to Jack the Ripper.  Probably more than I really wanted to know.
  • Gotham – Season 3 (Netflix)
    • James Gordon gone rogue?  Noooooo, say it isn’t so.
  • Comrade Detective (Amazon Video)
    • Romanian communist propaganda buddy cop show which imitates the tropes of Western cops shows and Americans in general.  And just misses.
New Pins:



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