Personal Log: August 24 – August 30, 2015

Hard Rock Cafe - Ragged Ass Road
Hard Rock Cafe
Banff, Alberta, Canada

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I miss my platinum blonde streak.

Dinner with a friend who often asks very probing questions when trying to understand my thought processes.  It’s something I really appreciate.  This particular evening we fell to talking about data, ways to use it to the advantage of marketing efforts, etc.

As often happens, I will answer his questions with as much thoughtfulness as I can, and then realize I actually sound like I know what I’m talking about.  How did I come to know this stuff, he queried.  In all honesty, it’s observation and intuition of people.  It just seems like common sense to me.  And first hand experience as a season ticket holder at one point in time for the local NHL team and their efforts to keep me engaged as a fan.

My writing has not been a daily practice since I started work.  It is not for lack of things to say or ways to say them.  Nor is it even a lack of will.  Simply, it is a lack of energy.  I refuse to allow this to become habit and have been pondering ways I can adapt to the new schedule and keep my commitment to butt-in-chair every day.

Chuck Wendig, and his blog at terribleminds, keep me engaged with posts about writing.  It no longer scares me to read this is hard work and that I will fall, repeatedly.  And be rejected.  And all those other things that go along with being a writer.  I think there’s a longer post for 7Stillwell based on Chuck’s posts.

It probably also doesn’t hurt that I write because it makes me happy and that I don’t write to make others happy.  Basically, it’s nice to have people read my writing and comment on it in a positive manner, but I really don’t give much of a shit if anyone reads it, or how they feel about it.  I also know that the first deeply insulting, personal attack will make me want to go to my knees, which is also fine.  I’m human, and approbation is what we crave.

Lastly, I watched a reality competition show called The Quest.  It was a Survivor/Amazing Race kinda thing with the twist of having a fantasy story line.  Twelve contestants went to a castle in Austria and bought into the story of saving EverRealm from Verlox the Dark.  The setting was Elizabethan/Renaissance Faire sort of stuff.

The show itself was not much to get excited about.  Which is probably why I kept wondering about what the actors had been told about interacting with the competitors.  And what happened if they broke character or forgot their lines, or dropped their pseudo-British accents?  How did they keep the competitors on task, and guide them to the next scene and stay in character?  I would love to be hearing stories about this kind of behind the scenes stuff.


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