Personal Log: July 20 – July 26, 2015

Disney, Green Army Guy, 1999
Green Army Guy, 1999

Working with my first client to create images and write a blog post for her. So nice to be able to work as a creative person for people who want me to try different things. I love this life.

An interview which didn’t turn into an offer.  Shunned by my temp agency again.  Okay, Universe, I hear you.  I don’t belong in an office.  Please bring more clients so I can pay my bills.

Shift change at the career center.  I will be no longer attending “success team” meetings.  They weren’t a good fit for me because I’m looking for creative work.  Wonderful support and encouragement from my career advisors.

Writing, writing, writing.  Publishing schedule is set for:

Sundays = Personal Log
Tuesdays = Review
Thursday = 500 Words or Photographic Evidence

A lot of research and installation of stuff on the back end to make things easier both for me and my readers.

And, apparently, Chuck Wendig wants 1,000 words on why I write.


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