Gratitude to Don

I give gratitude to Don. For the memories he gave me, the stories I have to tell. The challenges he presented me as well as the ones he helped me solve. His unswerving support, even in those things that were just a bad idea. For his snark and sarcasm, which often surpassed mine. For the way he made me laugh, and made me cry. For the lessons I learned.

As I go through my apartment sorting through the stacks I’ve brought from his home to mine, I remember the klutzy grace he had with people and that amazing wellspring of knowledge he kept buried in that head.

Most of all I give gratitude for the 32 years of friendship, and for discovering just how strong my stuff really is. His death leaves a hole in my life which no one will ever be able to fill. But the person I am now is due in large part to his patience and love for me as I grew.

It’s hard to believe we were only in our early 20s when we met. He’s left an indelible mark on so many hearts.

“Stay calm and play the blues.”


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