What’s Up With all Those Reviews?

I have the week off so I’m concentrating on getting things virtual, and non-virtual, cleaned up.  There are a lot of drafts of reviews cluttering up backstage, so I’m updating them a bit and scheduling them for publishing during the next so many consecutive days.

It won’t be that my output has increased, there’s still a stack on my desk to be reviewed.  And they won’t be as detailed as some of the recent reviews because some of these are from two years ago.  *GASP*

I was still getting used to the idea of writing reviews thinking I had anything to say about the multiplicity of books surrounding me.

Truth be told, I still wonder whether I have anything to say.  But I keep writing the reviews because it’s fun for me.  And now, I’m starting to get requests from authors to review their books which I find flattering beyond belief.  Jeeples!!!

Thank you for reading.  Thank you for your requests.  I’m so grateful to have so many books to read and write about.

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